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“ C r e a t i v i s m o   M o v e m e n t ”:

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 “ I N S P I R E D   A R T I S T S * ”   M O V E M E N T   “ C r e a t i v i s m o ”

* "Inspired Artists": Artists in touch with the "Light"


“ O U R   G R O U P ” :

The Creativists

<< ... Our work of Creation creates Beauty.

Beauty at its turn creates "Positive Emotions".

Finally, "Positive Emotions" purify the World. ... >>

Text extract from “The Creativismo Manifesto”

Creativist Founder “Inspired Artist” Painter :   Jean-Philippe AUDRA   =>   “www.jpaudra.com”

Creativist “Inspired Artist” Painter-Ceramist :   Svetlana LESCOVA-AUDRA   =>   “www.jpaudra.com”

Creativist “Inspired Artist” Painter :  Ignacio BASAURI   =>   “www.ignaciobasauri.com”

Creativist “Inspired Artist” Painter :   Yves DOWNING   =>   “www.yvesdowning.com”

Creativist “Inspired Artist” Painter :   Nancy ST-ONGE   =>   “www.nancyst-onge.com”

Creativist “Inspired Artist” Author-Publisher :   Jaimie ELLIN FORBES   =>    “www.fineartmagazine.com”

Creativist “Inspired Artist” Author-Editor :  Victor BENNETT FORBES   =>   “www.fineartmagazine.com”

“ O U R   F R I E N D S ”

“Creativismo Honoris Causa” Author :   Paolo COELHO   =>   “www.paulocoelho.com.br”

Artist Painter :   Lia SADAGASHVILI   =>    “www.gialiaart.com”

Sculptor :   George IREMASHVILI   =>   “www.gialiaart.com”

Artist Painter :   Hervé   =>   “herve.painter@gmail.com”

Art Dealer :   Anne NGONGANG   =>   “www.gallerylamedina.com”

Artist Painter-Author :   Joey SCHWARTZMAN   =>    “www.joeyschwartzma.com”  & “www.channeling-spirit-guides.com”

“ I N   M E M O R I A M ”

“Creativismo Honoris Causa” Patron of Artists (1919-1999) :   Mercedes “Yeye” CASANOVA-MORENO

“Creativismo Honoris Causa” Artist Painter-Sculptor (1904-1989) :   Salvador DALI   =>   “www.salvador-dali.org”

“Creativismo Honoris Causa” Artist Painter-Fashion Designer (1885-1979) :  Sonia DELAUNAY  =>   “www.en.wikipedia.org”

“Creativismo Honoris Causa” Artist Painter-Sculptor  (1967-1987) :   Laurence DUSSAIX

“Creativismo Honoris Causa” Architect (1852-1926) :   Antoni GAUDI   =>   “www.sagradafamilia.org”

“Creativismo Honoris Causa” Artist Painter-Sculptor (1893-1983) :   Joan MIRO   =>   “www.miro.palmademallorca.es”

“Creativismo Honoris Causa” Artist Painter-Sculptor-Architect (1452-1519) :  Leonardo da VINCI  =>   “www.en.wikipedia.org”

“Creativismo Honoris Causa” Architect (1922-2006) :   Karol ZAWILSKI   =>   “www.gazetteducanada.gc.ca”

“ O U R   S P O N S O R S ”

“We Need You” :   Be Our Sponsor   =>   contact@jpaudra.com


ENGLISH =>  “ C r e a t i v i s m o   M a n i f e s t o ” by Jean-Philippe AUDRA

FRANCAIS =>  “ C r e a t i v i s m o   M a n i f e s t o ” par Jean-Philippe AUDRA

ESPANOL =>  “ C r e a t i v i s m o   M a n i f e s t o ” por Jean-Philippe AUDRA


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