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”JP” Photography by ©Kiran Ambwani

Jean-Philippe AUDRA was born in Cameroon, Africa in 1966.

As a child JP was surrounded by African artwork and showed tremendous interest for visual arts.

Throughout his childhood, JP was regularly taken to local artist workshops in Africa and in Europe.

JP lived for 10 years in Paris, where in 1999 he started his career as a painter. Since 2000 he has launched his international career, and has exhibited in Europe and North America.

JP considers himself an autodidact. About his work, he comments “It is simple for me because I just have to take my tools to start and I sense it flow out of my hands, like a river of creation.”

You see, I have to let this energy transfer out from myself into my paintings, it is my catalyst!”

JP has a very colorful and distinctive painting style that has been already recognized by collectors who are touched not only by his themes, but by his technique. “JP works with all his heart in such a way that the goal of his paintings-bringing a universal message of Love and Peace-is realized through creative ways of melting colors and metals. The results are shining, surprising and “magnificent,” commented Fine Art publisher Jamie Ellin Forbes.

In 2000 JP presented his first solo exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. That same year he was featured in solo shows in Monte-Carlo, Paris and in London.

Encouraged by his success he moved to Canada in 2001 for exhibits in Toronto and Chicago.

Today JP’s paintings can be found in collections worldwide.

  • In 2002 the Freedom musical group acquired a large painting spelling the word “Freedom”
  • In 2003 the French government acquired a painting for its Consulate in Toronto;
  • In 2003 Whirlpool Canada placed a large triptych in their Toronto headquarters.
  • In 2007, the Bank of Park Avenue in New-York City purchased a large painting 4x7ft (1.20x2.30m) with replications of the American flag and the Statue of Liberty.
  • In 2008, the Forbes family owners of Fine Art Magazine acquired 2 paintings at the occasion of the Artexpo New-York 30th anniversary.

Between 2004 and 2009, JP had established his workshop in the scenic resort of Val-David located in the heart of the colorful Laurentian mountains of Quebec-Canada.

Since 2010, JP has established his workshop in the forest of Grantsboro located by the Seashore of the beautiful Cape Hatteras in North-Carolina USA.

Victor Bennett Forbes, Editor, Fine Art Magazine, February 2012


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