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“ C r e a t i v i s m o   M a n i f e s t o ” in English:

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“ C R E A T I V I S M O    M A N I F E S T O ”

By Jean-Philippe AUDRA

Dear Artists,

I your brother of Soul, the Artist, I share with you all the Energy of My "Divine Spiritual Light" to give you the courage to continue your "Universal Work".

We must not accept that the people say one is mad and irresponsible and let them criticize our Works of Art without understanding them. Let us not lose hope thinking that we are alone and especially it is necessary to deny the suicide of our talent and of ourselves.

For so many years we were alone facing the world, now I discovered that we were numerous, characterized by our Artistic Sensibility - very developed.

You and I know how much our "Path towards the Divine Spiritual Light" is exhausting from encountered tests, let's cross them, step by step, without ever being discouraged.

We "Inspired Artists", who have received in inheritance the task of enlightening and of illuminating the shaded and dangerous zones of our "Material World", with the "Divine Spiritual Light" which is found in our Works of Art, we are "The Knights of the Light."


I had a dream that we "Inspired Artists", we were meeting in order to "Illuminate the World Together".

Let's work with all our Heart, all our Love, in order that the "Positive Values" we represent, enlighten and illuminate the Entire World.

Our work of Creation creates Beauty.

Beauty at its turn creates "Positive Emotions".

Finally, "Positive Emotions" purify the World.

Let’s form the Movement of "Inspired Artists", named "Creativismo", joining our "Spiritual Forces"

Artists of the Entire World, let's join our "Spiritual Forces" in the Movement "Creativismo"


1- Artists' Movement which takes its inspiration into the "Divine Spiritual Light".

2- "Creativists" are Artists who preserve the values of a "Pure Spirit", creating Works of Art, without extracting its inspirations from "Artificials Paradises"

3- They are Works of Art created by "Inspired Artists", with "Love and Peace", which gives its reason to be to "Creativismo".

4- It is the materialization of the "Divine Spiritual Light" in the Works of Art created by "Inspired Artists"; This "Divine Spiritual Light" is the Source, which inspires the Artistic Creation of Works of Arts created with and by "the Heart of the Artists

5- Comes from the Inspiration located at the level of the "Divine Spiritual Light". Is not defined in the style, or in the techniques that bring to the "Act of Creation", but is located at the level of the "Divines Spiritual Energies" that come out of the Works of art.

6- "Creativismo" comes from the "Positive Spiritual Forces" with the reason of being opposed to the "Negative Spiritual Forces" balancing the excesses of the "Material World".

7- "Creativists" do the union of your "Spiritual Forces", and you will open the way for the Humankind toward a new age. "The Age of Aquarius”. Be that the Work coming out from the "Creativismo Movement" balances the excesses of the "Material world".

8- Be that the "Divine Spiritual Light" coming out from the Works of Art of the "Inspired Artists", "Enlighten and Illuminates the Material World".

9- The Entire World needs its Artists, because we are beneficial to "the Evolution of the Humankind", and we will be recognized as such.

10- "Creativists" of the Entire World let's take part, with our "Positive Values of Love and of Peace", to the social and political life, doing the necessary efforts in order to be encouraged by the authorities that are the governments and the patrons.


Sense of wordings:

"Inspired Artists": Artists in touch with the "Light"

"Light": Pure energy.

"Divine Spiritual Light": Pure Energy of the Supreme Spirit, of the Universal God.

"Material world": Terrestrial and physical world

"Spiritual": Source of the Spirit and of the Ideas



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